Hey! I’m Ömer Faruk Aydın, a software engineer based in Berlin and currently working at Automat. I have been working mostly with ruby and javascript to build web applications. I’m also a big fan of open source projects. I made some contributions to rubygems.org in the past, I hope I can contribute to the open-source projects more in the future.

I have a pragmatic philosophy about software development, which also explains why I chose ruby as my primary programming language and ruby on rails as a backend framework. They allow me to develop software projects in a quick and professional way, and it also overlaps with the requirements of startup ecosystem.

What is duetcode.io?

It’s a content platform that I would like to publish software development courses and tutorials!

Why I created duetcode.io?

I have been working on web application development for a long time, especially with ruby on rails. In my last jobs, I worked with API-only rails projects, and I found out that the community doesn’t have enough resources, especially for API-only projects with a focus on intermediate & advanced topics. It’s also a good chance for me to contribute to the ruby community, which I learned a lot from.

Is the content going to be ruby specific all the time?

I don’t plan to restrict the content of duetcode when it comes to programming languages or frameworks. Yes, my main focus is going to be software development with ruby, but I would like to add some other technologies later. (Please contact by email if you have anything in your mind that duetcode can create a tutorial or course!)

Which tools that I use to build duetcode.io?

I used Jekyll static site generator, and I’m pleased with the outcome. Besides that, I use plausible.io as a GDPR compliant analytics tool that doesn’t store any personal information but still gives me enough insights about the content I produced.


You can find me on twitter, linkedin and github or write me an email, and you can also check out my personal website.